Monday, 31 October 2011

Welcome back!

Well Jo’s been travelling, Dan has been partying and I have been downright lazy watching films and keeping my thoughts and opinions to myself (not altogether a bad thing).

Dan, Jo and I caught up with each other on Sunday afternoon and watched the weirdly wonderful (were the animators on drugs???) Rene Laloux’s Fantastic Planet (La Planete Sauvage).  It was this session of movie watching which reminded me that I do enjoy contributing to this blog and I better make a start on it this week (or else!).

Not to mention (but I will) that I have heard rumours that friends, acquaintances and people-I-do-not-yet-know have taken an interest in this blog (thank you x).  Which is AWESOME!!!

Well, what’s been happening?

I saw The Hunter with Dan and, well, I thought that was a bit so-so.  The best part was going to the “world premiere” in Hobart and standing next to Willem Dafoe himself (!!!!), yes, on the red carpet! He is really short!  And much better looking in real life.  

However, I really do not wish to review The Hunter. Nope.

What I have been doing of late is watching French films by Jeunet, Truffaut, Godard and Tati.  And Italian works by De Sica and Bresson... and in between all of this Wes Anderson’s The Darjeeling Limited!

And it is about such films I wish to write about.  Because I love foreign films, and less mainstream films, and I would really like to peak people’s interest in seeing a film they may not normally rent out from the video store.

And so, I have a few things to share with you …