Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Battle Los Angeles

Some commenters have said that it’s too soon to commit to film, the tragic events that left thousands dead in Los Angeles a few years ago. Personally, I don’t subscribe to that lefty thinking. I believe the story of the men and women that defeated the alien hordes on that tragic day is too important not to be told and Battle LA tackles the subject with sensitivity and compassion.

Based on the best selling biography of Sargent Michael Nantz (Aaron Eckhart), Battle Los Angeles follows the now famous rag tag team of marines that spearheaded the defense of LA. It recounts, in detail, the heroic sacrifices made by our fighting forces that were needed to defeat the alien scum.

This film is brilliantly cast; I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a clean sweep at next year’s Academy Awards. As well as Aaron Eckhart’s blistering performance, other notable standouts were Michelle Rodriguez as Technical Sargent Elena Santos and Ne-Yo, playing Corporal Kevin Harris. If there was an Academy Award for an ensemble cast, this is the film that would receive it.

Christopher Bertolini expertly adapted the screenplay, based on the book. You really get a sense of whom these people are. The character development is brilliant and is complemented by dialogue worth of Aaron Sorkin at his best.

History tells us what happened after the invasion, but Battle Los Angeles tells us the untold story, the personal story, of the American Heroes who put the lives on the line to protect our planet.

4 patriotic stars.


  1. Awesome review, Dan! That made me chuckle!

  2. It still cracks me up when I read it!