Monday, 12 September 2011

Submarine (Richard Ayoade, 2011)

Submarine is the highly acclaimed debut film of Richard Ayoade (Moss from the IT Crowd) based on the best selling novel by Joe Dunthorpe, which I feel a very strong need to obtain and read.

15-year-old Welsh schoolboy Oliver Tate (Craig Roberts) is a cool literary genius.

In reality, however, he’s socially inept and unpopular. 

Oliver has set himself two tasks for the coming months:  to lose his virginity and save his parents’ marriage.  He suspects that his mother (the ever wonderful Sally Hawkins) is having an affair with her first love Graham (Paddy Considine) a new-age Psychic.

Meanwhile, Oliver attempts to attain the affections of Jordana (Yasmin Paige) who introduces him to pyromania and eczema.

This film had the whole audience in stiches.  This film is so funny, quirky and warm hearted.  Oliver is such a fun character with strange idiosyncrasies (some of which I share – - when lending books, make sure the borrower knows not to crease the spine!)

The young actors playing Oliver and Jordana were fabulous.  I loved Noah Taylor as the reserved and sad father and Paddy Considine was hilarious as the spiky mullet wearing mystic. 

This film was so enjoyable from start to finish.  Definitely another film to add to the DVD collection!


  1. It was great! Paddy Considine was great casting.

  2. Adding this to my list of things to watch!