Monday, 8 August 2011

Runaway Train Movie

Set in the east coast of the US in the industrial heartland of Pennsylvania, Unstoppable follows the unlikely story of Academy Award Winner Denzel Washington and a young Captain Kirk saving a small town from a runaway, psychopathic train.

Much like the John Carpenter classic Christine, the train has a mind of its own and is intent on destroying the town by falling off the tracks onto a conveniently located petroleum depot. Why would you put all those big, highly explosive tanks right where a train could fall on them? The plot, of course!

Luckily for the petrol tanks, and less importantly the town, Captain Kirk and the guy from Glory were able to throw their combined weight into the corner and keep the train on the tracks.

Directed by Ridley Scott's younger and less talented brother, this fast paced rollercoaster ride is quite enjoyable mainly due to all the helicopters and the guy with the ponytail driving the big truck.

*** (three stars)

Go and watch Christine first.


  1. The guy next to me on a plane watched this film a while back. When he finished it, I asked him what the film was about and he said "a train whose breaks don't work".

  2. Ok I am only going to admit this once - I thought the bit about the psychopathic train was true.....