Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Double Bill

It must always be hard to make a sequel to a classic such as In the Heat of the Night (1967, Norman Jewison) . They Call Me Mr Tibbs (1970, Gordon Douglas) is rather lacklustre - although it does have a pretty cool Quincy Jones soundtrack and it's fun to see a young Martin Landau. There were quite a few continuity issues with the sequel - the one I noticed particularly was that Mr. Tibbs in the first film was unmarried (I remember that point because I fancy Sidney quite a bit). In the sequel he has a wife (which he has been with for ages apparently) and two kids. The crime Mr. Tibbs had to solve didn't grab me so much - but his parental skills did. Watching him give a cigar and whiskey to his 8 year old son until he spewed (to teach him a lesson) was interesting.

I really wasn't overly keen to watch An Affair to Remember (1957, McCarey); I thought it would be overly saccharine and schmaltzy - A rich play boy falling in love with a quick tongued lovely lady on a cruise ship. But - I found the film completely endearing; the dialogue witty, sharp and sweet. I was also really impressed by Carey Grant's sun tan as he even managed to be coffee brown between the fingers. Worth viewing and it will remind you of Sleepless in Seattle (if you have seen Sleepless in Seattle). I wonder what Meg Ryan doing these days.

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