Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Since Otar Left (2003, Julie Bertolucci)

The story of the relationships of three generations of women. Set in contemporary Georgia, the elderly matriarch Eka (Esther Gorintin) lives with her daughter Marina (Nino Khomasuridze) and granddaughter Ada (Dinara Drukarova) in a small apartment.

Eka’s beloved son, Otar, has been living in France for the past two years to get work and start a better life.

Eka adores her son and looks forward to receiving his letters and the occasional telephone call. Her relationship with her daughter Marina, however, is quite strained. Although Marina takes good care of her mother she can’t seem to get the approval and love she so deeply craves and deserves.   Ada is young, intelligent and diligent and the glue that binds the elder women together.

One day as Eka is out to the country; Marina and Ada receive a phone call, which notifies them of Otar’s death. Not wanting to break Eka’s heart Ada and Marina decide to keep Otar’s death a secret and compose Otar’s letters to Eka and things become more and more complicated as they try to conceal the truth from Eka. But Eka is more astute than they think.

This is a beautiful story with rich characters and superb acting by the three female leads. I love this film more and more on every viewing. A film with heart and soul.

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  1. That's one I'd like to watch - I have never seen a film set in Georgia.