Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Zelary, 2003, Ondrej Trojan

Czechoslovakia 1943: medical student and member of the resistance movement, Eliska can no longer study, as German troops have closed the universities. When the resisitance group is exposed, Eliska is forced to flee to the mountains with Jonz, a kind hearted patient she looked after while working as a nurse.
So begins Zelary, the 2004 Academy Award nominated film for Best Foreign Picture - based on true events.
Zelary has the elements for everything I love about a movie; breathtaking scenery, stellar cinematography, a strong cast and a Bernese Mountain Dog. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood for this film, but I felt listless for the first two hours. I didn't particularly feel anything towards the two main characters and the development of their relationship. I did find interesting, however, the culture of the mountain inhabitants and the parts of the film when the dog was running about. For me, Zelary didn't start until the final 40 minutes and then I didn't want the film to end.
I'll be curious to watch it in a few years time to see if I feel differently.


  1. Nice review, Jo! No film is complete without a Bernese Mountain Dog!