Friday, 12 August 2011

Lilya 4 Ever (2002, Lukas Moodysson)

Somewhere in post Soviet Russia, Lilya's mother leaves for America with her new husband - promising to send for 16 year old Lilya (Oksana Akinshina) once they are settled. As the days pass it becomes evident that Lilya has been abandoned. Her only confidant is Volodya (Artyom Bogucharsky) , a boy several years younger than Lilya and also an out cast. Lilya struggles to survive until one day she meets and falls for Andrei, who promises to help her start a new life in Sweden.

Written and directed by Lukas Moodysson, this is a relentlessly harrowing film. Moodysson's directing is superb, and it's even more impressive knowing that although the film is in Russian, he doesn't speak the language. He gets a brilliant performance out of all the actors particularly those who play Lilya and Volodya. Rarely does a film move me this deeply - I haven't stopped thinking about it since I watched it several days ago. It deserves every award that it won, and more.


  1. I want to see this film. Great review.

  2. I own it Patty so you can borrow it. I have also ordered "Show Me Love" and "Together" by Lukas Moodysson. I really enjoyed Together (seen it a couple of times) and looking forward to Show Me Love as I've been told it is excellent.

    Oooh and I also have coming "My Life as a Dog" LOVED that film as a kid and I can't wait to watch it again. We should have a Swedish dvd day.

  3. OMG. Did I cry when I watched this. What a harrowing story but really worth watching. A such great performances too. I week later and I'm still thinking about this film.